School Holiday Programs

July School Holiday Fun

July 15 - 19
9am - 3pm Daily at JB Long Jetty HQ

Looking for Holiday Activities ? Let JB Dance take care of the kids with our workshops, dance programs and activities. Our daily workshops will let the kids, Act, Learn to Dance Tumble, Paint, Design and more!

Monday 15th July

Tuesday 16th July

Wednesday 17th July

Thursday 18th July

Friday 19th July

Disco Fun

Urban Arts!

Theatre Fun

Disco Fun

Urban Arts

Popular Dance Moves

Slime Making

Drama & Acting

Card Making

Games & Craft Time

Cookie Decorating

Hip Hop & Street Dance

Musical Theatre

Jazz Dance

Popular Dance Moves


Games & Craft Time



Hip Hop & Street Dance

Movie and Popcorn Time

Movie and Popcorn Time

Movie and Popcorn Time

Movie and Popcorn Time

Movie and Popcorn Time

If you have a creative or active kids voucher you can enjoy 2 days of Holiday fun for FREE! 

Children are fully supervised in a safe environment with in our long jetty HQ studios

  • When: 15th - 19th July, 9am - 3pm
  • Where: JB Dance Long Jetty HQ
  • Ages: 4 - 12 Years
  • Cost:$50 per day or use your Creative & Active kids vouchers & receive up to 4 days FREE!
  • Kids will enjoy: Dance • Acrobatics Games • Craft • Slime Making • Cookie Decorating • Movie & Popcorn time

Lunch Provided!

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    Cost is $50 per day - Please Submit your Creative or Active Kids vouchers if you wish to use these, if not we will email you a invoice for payment. Payment is required prior to attending to secure your spot.

Registration: All participants must be registered and financial to take part in any of our programs. JB Dance reserves the right to ask students to leave the program if they are not financial.

Active and Creative Vouchers: May be used for our programs, we do require the child’s Date Of Birth and Full Name and vouchers must be redeemed prior the child starting the program. Vouchers can not be redeemed for cash.

Medical Consent: Any dance class can involve the risk of personal injury. I understand that while JB Dance takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst students are at or near the dance studio. Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring that their child (the student) is physically and medically fit for the class.

Photography, Video/DVD, Promotion & Website Release: I understand when enrolling at JB Dance that upon occasion JB Dance may organise an individual or group to make official recordings of our events, such as but not limited to our Mid-Year and End of Year Concerts, Rehearsal Day, Team Events and in regular classes. I understand that Video/DVD recordings are available to parents and may be displayed on our website and used on social media.

Emergency Procedures: In the event of a medical emergency, if parents/guardians are not able to be contacted, I understand the teacher reserves the right to call for an ambulance if deemed necessary.

Refunds: No refunds will be given for change of mind, refunds will only be given if a program is cancelled.

Revisions: JB Dance reserves the right to revise, amend or modify the JB Dance Terms and Conditions at any time.

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