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Miss Karyl

Karyl was trained in Newcastle under Robyn Hick – who is now an R.A.D. examiner, completing all vocational Exams.

Karyl traveled to London in 1978 and auditioned for companies in Europe, then spending 14mths working and attending dance classes in London and discovered her teaching for Ballet.

Returning to Newcastle and opened her own dance school at Warners Bay in 1979 for 3 years.

In 1982, Karyl attended The College of Physical Education in Sydney for one year majoring in Dance, Karyl also taught at the Mcdonald College teaching R.A.D. Classes.  After marrying at the end of 1984, Karyl moved back to Newcastle and this was the start of her freelance career.

Karyl has been a R.A.D. registered teacher for 40 years, and during this time has had hundreds of students for exams from Primary to Advanced.

Karyl has been with JB Dance for over 3 years and enjoys seeing the students love for Ballet.

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