JB Dance Club Ages 5 – 12+ Yrs


Dancers will learn Technique, Acrobatics, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop over the year.

The all rounded program will help further develop your child’s skills as they train all styles while focusing on their flexibility, turns, leaps and jumps!

The first half of the year students will learn Hip Hop and Contemporary choreography to showcase at our Mid Year Show, after this they will learn a Jazz and Acrobatics routine that they will perform in costume at our End of Year Concert.

Every afternoon JB Dancers apart of the JB Dance Club will learn their jazz technique and acrobatics skills and finish the afternoon off with learning their choreographed routines!

Jelly Beans (1.5-5 years)


Jelly Bean Program (18 months  to 5 years)

Our Jelly Bean Program caters for children who are from the age of 18 months until they attend Primary School, all children must be steady on their feet and walking on their own to participate. We offer age appropriate classes and have created a warm and nurturing environment with classes capped at no more than 12 in each class so each child will learn and develop their skills in dance and you can watch their confidence and their self-esteem sore.

We offer 30 minute classes and parents are more than welcome to watch and sometimes encouraged to join in with the class!

Jelly Beans Classes take place near you – at our Long Jetty HQ, Tuggerah HQ, Terrigal, Kariong, Toukley and Lake Munmorah locations.

“Teacher’s always show patience. Eliza said to say the dance routines are fun. she loves her JB dance jelly bean costumes..and she feels special at the end of year concert when shes gets to perform for her family and gets a trophy.. it’s wonderful everyone gets that chance at feeling appreciated for all their hard work they put in all year…?” – Kylie Taylor

I love JB Dance as the teachers are patient and teach our children confidence and discipline. Thank you for your love and dedication you give every week to your students” – Amy Gleeson

Jelly Beans Classes Offered:

  • Jelly Bean Ballet – (18mths – 5 years) If your little princess or prince loves twirling and is ever so graceful, this is the class for you, ballet lessons include basic ballet technique with their feet and arm positioning as well as cross floor exercises, our program promotes co-ordination, balance correct body posture and grace. Ballet is the foundation of dance, the children will use delightful props and listen to beautiful music all whilst learning.
  • Jelly Bean Jazz – (18mths to 5 years) If your little one won’t stay still and has ants in their pants this class is for you, an upbeat class, Jazz dance introduces children to a stylistic dance for a fun, funky and expressive way of dancing, it is a great introduction to dance for all young children. They may recognise songs in class as we like to keep the music fresh and up to date. They will develop technique and strengths and learn fun combinations. There is so much they can continue to learn with Jazz!
  • Jelly Beans Tap – (3 years to 5 years) – For those little ones who love to make noise while dancing, this one is for them – our tap class develops a keen sense of technique, rhythm and musicality. Tap classes not only challenge you physically but also mentally!
  • Jelly Beans Acrobatics – (3 years to 5 years) – This class if for the dare devils – a non-stop actioned class, our acrobatics classes will focus on tricks that are used on stage, our teacher will assess each child, as all children develop differently. We will focus on building the strength to do forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and handstands to bridge. This is a fun class and all children will feel confident about what they can and are achieving each week in a safe environment.
  • Jelly Beans Boys Only Hip Hop Class – (3 years to 5 years) Something for the boys only, our Boys Hip Hop class will have them wanting more each week. They will develop basic hip hop technique, and we encourage their own dance skills – free styling! This is a fun and imaginative class with the boys dancing to age appropriate music.


JB Kids (6-11 Yrs)


JB Kids  Program ( Kindergarten – Year 5)

Once your child starts Kindergarten and moves up to Primary School, we want them to continue dancing, to continue  making those strong friendships and to continue having fun! Often this is where natural talents emerge and students catch the vision of themselves as dancers.

JB Kids

This program is for any child who just loves to dance! We have 15 convenient locations around the Central Coast and offer a variety of styles to choose from. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to be able to dance in a non-competitive environment where fitness, fun and friendship is the focus. We want to inspire each student and push them to their full potential all while having a smile on their face!

I love JB Dance because students are encouraged to be their best, have fun in an inclusive environment” – Emma Perham

“I love JB Dance as I love the family friendly atmosphere. I love seeing my daughter happy and wanting to learn and practise her routines” – Laura Allen

JB Kids Class Dates

Tuesday 28th January 2020 – Saturday 19th December 2020
Our JB Kids Dance in School Terms only

JB Teens (12-21 Yrs)

JB Teens Program Year 6 – Year 12

JB Dance understands that high school students are in a unique part of their journey to adulthood. Dance classes are so valuable for reinforcing earlier skills, developing new skills and building essential life-skills like teamwork, self-respect and communication.

Sometimes high school students who gave up dancing some years ago are afraid to go back because of everything they’ve missed. Rest assured our experienced teachers are well-trained in focusing on the dancers’ individual needs.

“I love JB dance because it’s not only a fun way to get fit but it has helped my daughter gain confidence and find new friends in the local community” – Karly Brown

“It’s family friendly and all the kids are supported, encouraged and genuinely loved” – Angela Brown

JB Teens Class Dates
Tuesday 28th January 2020 – Saturday 19th December 2020
Our JB Teens Dance in School Terms only

JB Adults (21 Yrs +)


JB Dance has a range of classes for adults, from over 18 through to any age!

​Led by our experienced dance teachers, we love seeing adults enjoying the social benefits, increasing fitness and being creative. No experience is needed or dance back ground required.

Being part of regular affordable dance classes, in the style you like, gives you a fun, relaxed atmosphere where you can learn at your own pace, laugh and have fun with others!

Importantly, through dance you learn to appreciate all that your body, mind and spirit can do. Not to mention you will the leave the class smiling and sweating and be on your way to a better you.

There is also an optional participation for our end of year concert if you would like to showcase your talents, your coordination and your brilliant teamwork. And the kids love seeing their parents up on stage!!

​Doesn’t that sound amazing?! We think so too! So what are you waiting for?

Want to try an adult dance class before you commit?

Schedule a FREE trial class by contacting us. We can’t wait to dance with you!

LOCATION – Tuggerah HQ on Monday nights!

JB Adults Class Dates & Times

Tuesday 28th January 2020 – Saturday 19th December 2020
Our JB Adults Dance in School Terms only

Tuggerah HQ – 6 Morton Close

6:30 PM – Adults Contemporary
7:30 PM – Adults Tap​

JB Elite & Select Teams

This is an all-rounded pre-professional program that trains in Jazz, RAD Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acrobatics and Hip-Hop.

​Our  teams train at Tuggerah and Long Jetty Headquarters. These students learn and compete routines in all styles of dance and represent JB Dance all over NSW.
Students who are apart of these competition teams are also invited to learn and compete in solos.


Our Select Team is for Students who love dancing with JB Dance but are looking to join a team who trains at a higher level and are passionate about improving their technique with their dancing. Our select team will perform at events throughout the year such as Shopping Centres, Local Markets, Christmas Events and 2-3 Dance Competitions throughout the year.
​​The commitment will be 2 days a week (6 hours a week of dancing).
The team will compete in 2-3 dance competitions a year.

  • Tuggerah Select Teams will train Friday & Saturday with the opinion for extra Tuesday Technique
  • Long Jetty Select Teams will train Tuesday & Wednesday with the opinion for extra Saturday Technique


Our Elite Team is for Students who show a lot of natural ability in dance, and thrive on performing on the big stage, they live and breath dance. Our remarkable Elite Program trains an all rounded dancer in Jazz, RAD Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acrobatics and Hip-Hop! The studio becomes your home away from home and the teachers and students become your family. The team will compete in 5-6 dance competitions a year and if selected for the Elite team you will also have opportunities to compete in Solos and Duos. The team is aimed at students that hope to one day make a career in dance.

The commitment will be 3-4 days a week (6-12 hours a week of dancing).
The team will compete in 5-6 dance competitions a year.- Our Jelly Bean Elite Team will train Thursday Mornings at Tuggerah HQ
– Our Pre-Elite Team will train on Thursday at Tuggerah HQ
– Our Min Elite Team will train on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Long Jetty and Tuggerah HQ
– Our Junior Elite Team will train on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at Long Jetty and Tuggerah HQ
– Our Intermediate Elite Team will train on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at Long Jetty HQ and Tuggerah HQ
– Our Senior Elite Team will train on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at Long Jetty HQ and Tuggerah HQ

If you would like to schedule an audition for our Competition Team, please contact our office – ash@jbdance.com.au


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