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At JB Dance, we understand that some dancers aspire to go beyond their weekly classes and annual Mid-Year and End of Year Shows. To cater to this passion and drive, we’ve crafted three specialized teams designed to keep dancers on stage throughout the year:

Performance Team: Designed for Recreational Dancers who are enthusiastic about displaying their talents more frequently in public performances. This team offers opportunities for dancers to gain exposure and showcase their abilities in front of audiences.

Select Team: This team is geared towards dancers who have an interest in competitive dance. Dancers on the Select Team will undergo grading based on their technique during training days and will be grouped by age during rehearsal sessions. The emphasis is on skill development and competition within designated age groups.

Elite Team: After spending a year on the Select Team, dancers may be invited to join the Elite Team. This team is specifically tailored for dancers who exhibit exceptional commitment and talent, with aspirations for a professional career in dance. Members of the Elite Team are expected to perform at a high level and pursue advanced training opportunities.

Each team offers unique experiences and opportunities for dancers to grow, develop their skills, and pursue their passion for dance at different levels.

With these distinct teams, JB Dance ensures that every dancer has the platform to shine year-round, continually pushing boundaries and reaching new heights in their dance journey.



A dynamic platform tailored for our Recreational Dancers eager to step into the spotlight in our public performances and cultivate self-confidence.

Performance Team Members continue to dance 1-2 times weekly during their regular classes. Complementing this, they engage in a dedicated 2-hour rehearsal, mastering 3-4 captivating routines to perform throughout the year.

Our talented performance team members will have the opportunity to showcase their talent at shopping centre shows, engaging community events, and festive Christmas Carols.



Elevate your dance journey with our Elite and Select Teams, designed to nurture exceptional talent in a supportive and encouraging setting.

We are committed to fostering dance technique and artistic expression. Within our Elite and Select Teams, we cultivate an environment where individuality thrives, prioritizing both personal and artistic development.

Joining our Competition Teams transforms the dance studio into a sanctuary—a place where passion meets purpose, our dance studios and dance family will turn into a home away from home. 

The Elite and Select Team Program is a gateway to diverse aspirations, be it pursuing a career in performing arts or embracing challenges alongside equally driven peers. Our past JB Dance Elite Team members achievements is a testament to our program’s success, with graduates securing spots in Full-time dance Courses, Professional Ballet and Contemporary Companies, International cruise ship Performing Contracts and academic success such as the Diploma of Dance Education. Your journey with us is boundless!



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