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A technique class is where the students are taught technique relating to that style of dance, a concert class is

where the students are taught a choreographed routine which is performed at our Mid Year and End of Year Concert.

When a Technique class falls directly above a Concert class it means that you have to do the Tech class first to be able to do the Concert Class. Where there is no Technique class above the Concert class it is purley a 30 minute class and can be done on its own.

Fees are debited on the 1st of every month through your Parent Portal Account via Ezidebit Payment System.

It is encouraged that all students partake in our Mid Year and End of Year Concerts.

Our Concert’s for Mid Year and End of Year are held at The Art House, Wyong.

For your first class please wear something comfortable, its not expected for you to have the uniforms straight away.


Jelly Beans Jazz – Jelly Beans Dress with Ballet Shoes
Jelly Beans Ballet – Jelly Beans Dress with Ballet Shoes
Jelly Beans Tap – Jelly Beans Dress with Black Tap Shoes (special JB ORDER)

JB KIDS & TEENS ( 6 – 18 YRS )

Our JB Kids and Teens are welcome to wear any of your JB Uniform Range with the correct Footwear listed. ( See our Shop www.jbdance.com.au/shop)


Jazz & Hiphop – Black Jazz Shoes $40
Contemporary & Lyrical – Toe Thongs $15
Ballet – Ballet Shoes $30

Jelly Beans Jazz and Ballet – Ballet Shoes ($30)
Jelly Beans Tap –  Special JB ORDER
Jelly Beans Acrobatics – No Shoes
Jazz & Hiphop – Black Jazz Shoes $40
Contemporary & Lyrical – Toe Thongs $15
Ballet – Ballet Shoes $30
Acrobatics – No shoes

We have our own JB Uniform Shop located at Long Jetty HQ (5 Toowoon Bay Rd, Long Jetty), the shop is only opened between the hours of 3pm and 6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday between 9am and 12pm or you can purchase online at www.jbdance.com.au/shop

We encourage all Jelly Bean parents to stay and watch, sometimes even participate in classes! All other classes we ask parents to wait outside the class.

Class prices are as follows:
Jelly Beans
30 Minute Class $9
45 Minute Class $15
60 Minute Class $18

JB Dance Club – $27 per Afternoon

Recreational Classes ( Long Jetty, Tuggerah, Lake Munmorah &  Terrigal Stadium)
1 x 30 minute class – $11 per class = $11 per week
2 x 30 minute class – $10 per class = $20 per week
3 x 30 minute class – $9 per class = $27 per week
Unlimited Classes pack ( 4 or more Classes ) $30 per week. * only applies per location.

Team pricing is varied per program, please contact info@jbdance.com.au

Yes we accept both vouchers, please visit www.jbdance.com.au/creative-and-active-vouchers/ We will apply it to your child’s dance fees. The vouchers cannot be used for uniform purchase.

As all of our classes are learning Different routines and working towards a Mid Year or End of Year show, it is not practical to join in on another class for a makeup lesson.

Each Class at JB Dance runs for 30 minutes unless stated otherwise.

Our Jelly Bean Program caters for children who are from the age of 18 months until they attend Primary School, all children must be steady on their feet and walking to participate.

We offer a first week free lesson, so you can try all classes and find out which class your child is best suited to!

All Enrolments are done via your Parent Portal Account https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/jbdance  – If you have any issues enrolling please email or call our office.

Yes, all classes will require a Costume for our End of Year Concert.

Costumes will vary in price with Hire Costumes priced at $40 and Keep Costumes will range from $75-$110.

We will also include a Concert Bundle Fee:

Jelly Bean Bundle Fee – $55

Recreational, Dance Club & Performance Team Bundle Fee – $75

Select & Elite Team Bundle Fee – $100

This covers all digital class and individual photos, Dress Rehearsal Day Fee, End of Year Concert T-Shirt, End of Year Concert Medal and an online video link to view our concert which you can then share with your family and friends.

Yes, we offer a first week free pass, please head to www.jbdance.com.au/trial and fill in the form if you would like to try your first week free!

Yes, you can enrol anytime of the year. However, if you do enrol at the end of Term 2 and/or Term 4 you may not be able to perform in the Mid or End of Year Concert.

We have classes for students of all ages and ability levels. Please contact us so we can help identify where the best place to start is – 0401 473 457.

Yes, come join any of our dance classes! We welcome everyone with open arms and cater to all styles. Let’s dance together!

We have classes for beginners start at any age! If you’re 18 months or 18 years we welcome you to join our dance community today!

Have fun, make friends, be supported and grow confidence with JB Dance!

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